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Dr. Jagpal Deo

South Bay Veterinary Hospital Dr. Deo

Dr. Jagpal Deo

Dr. Deo has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1992. After an internship in Ames, Iowa, he moved to Los Angeles, California to contribute to a multi-doctor practice there. After working two years in Los Angeles, he moved to Chula Vista with his family to start his own practice. He purchased South Bay Veterinary Hospital in 1994.

He thoroughly enjoys practicing veterinary medicine. His vision is to make pets live longer while controlling the medical cost with preventive care. In 2003, Dr. Deo was named “most admired” and “best veterinarian” in Chula Vista and has held that title for five consecutive years.

He currently leads a six-doctor practice and provides San Diego with comprehensive and personalized pet care. In his free time, Dr. Deo likes to walk and hike along the beach, but more importantly spend time with his family.